Teknolaser LTD has the necessary equipment to offer you quality dies at reasonable prices:

EngView Package Designer – software with a wide range of standardized packaging options, which can be used for developing dies in a fast and quality manner.

Cutting and folding plotter for making samples from cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

Multi-functional laser complex machine – the laser source is “Rofin Sinar“, maximum power of 2000W. The table and control unit is LaserComb MTL 1521 – work area 1500х2100 mm. It is possible to cut groves with width of 2, 3, 4 and 6 points.

Groove width accuracy for rules with folding devices is more than excellent, and its speed is not to be taken lightly either.


Automatic rule bending machines – It is possible to perform automatic bending of 2 point and 3 point rule. Standard height is 23.80 mm, and it can also be 30.00 and 40.00 mm. For 2 point, 23.80 mm rule, a function is available for removal (scraping) part of the rule. This makes possible the bending of the rule with a very small radius at a very acute angle

A machine for automatic bending of 50 mm steel sheet for the male board – sometimes speed is the main requirement in the manufacturing of a die with waste stripping tools. Using the robot for handling 50 mm steel sheet, we can produce the male board in reduced terms.

Roland EGX600 engraving system – a machine which is used for making pertinax pads, which are an irreplaceable additional component of the die for manufacturing products in large amounts. Pertinax pad thickness can be from 0.4 to 0.9 mm.

Water jet cutting machine – Water Jet. With the help of LaserComb Pro Aqua Jet 1630 we can cut porous materials with maximum size 1300 х 1600 mm. The thickness of materials similar to foam polyurethane and foam polyethylene can be up to 100 mm, and for materials with higher level of density it can vary from 30 to 50 mm.

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