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Teknolaser LTD produces flatbed dies for die cutting of paper, self-adhesive paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, foil, self-adhesive foil, leather, klingerite, PVC, EPDM and other products.

Die designing is performed by using EngView Package Designer – the programme includes the following features: allows fast designing, has a large library, allows checking the packaging using the three dimensional visualization module, creates a network with the required number of elements, a CNC programme for laser cutting of the pad (board) and a cf2 file for the customer.

We are able to check the packaging and make a model from various materials with a cutting plotter. The work area of the plotter is 1000 х 1300 mm and it is possible to perform cutting of materials with large thickness, including 5-ply corrugated cardboard.

Cutting through the pad (board) is done by laser. Laser cutting through provides maximum accuracy of dies, 100% repeatability of elements and promptness in executing orders.

Rule bending is automatic. We have a series of rule bending machines: SDS Easy Bender for 2 point, 23.80 mm rule, SDS Tubo Bender for 2 point and 3 point, 23.80 mm rules, SDS Super Bender Broacher for 2 point and 3 point, 23.80 mm, 30.00 mm and 40.00 mm rules, Multi Bend MBF-B for 50 mm steel sheet. Machine bending ensures high precision in the performance of the required shape, provides opportunity for bending very complex shapes, high level of repeatability of identical elements and promptness in executing orders.

We also offer customers water jet cutting of porous materials, such as foam polyurethane, foam polyethylene, EPDM, leader, cork and other materials. Material height can be up to100 mm.

At Teknolaser LTD, we develop and manufacture waste strippers for automatic die cutting machines. We produce complete sets of waste strippers for BOBST 1575, 1600, 102, 106, 142, VisionCut, MasterCut 1.6, 2.1 and other machines. This includes upper stripping tool (male board), middle stripping tool (female board), front waste separator (guillotine). We can produce a waste stripping machine for cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard by using the Strip Clip system. The system is used for very large number of products or very high die cutting speed.

Pertinax pads are an irreplaceable additional component of the die if you have large quantity production processes. We offer pads with thickness from 0.4 to 0.9 mm.
During the development of new products or in the process of making a die, we never hesitate to consult the customer in order to create better quality and more functional packaging.