Teknolaser LTD is a company with narrow specialization in the production of flatbed dies for die cutting of paper, self-adhesive paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, foil, self-adhesive foil, leather, klingerite, PVC, EPDM and other products.

In order to offer customers a comprehensive service, we produce flatbed dies, waste strippers for automatic die cutting machines – usual and equipped with the Strip Clip system, pertinax boards for cardboard die cutting, cardboard and corrugated cardboard packaging samples, water jet cutting of samples and small series of products from porous materials using Water Jet system.

Customer requirements are in the focus of our attention throughout all stages of production of dies, so that the final result could be better than what the customer has imagined it to be.

At Teknolaser LTD, we maintain constant connection with customers before and during the process of die production in order to avoid any follow-up problems. We adhere to the conditions of confidentiality of information – no information is disclosed to third parties or companies.